Call Uptown Bail Bonds to Get Your Boyfriend Out of Hamilton County Jail!

Relationships are not easy. And sometimes, you must be there for the one you love, even when they may not necessarily deserve it. If your boyfriend made an error that landed him in jail tonight, call our friendly bail bondsmen to get him out, fast!

Noblesville Bail Bondsman 317-919-2489

Noblesville Bail Bondsman 317-919-2489

So you boyfriend was just arrested? You are probable thinking to yourself, “Now what?” At least try to take comfort in knowing that you are already doing exactly what you need to do, and that is to research your options for assistance.

We are a Family Owned Business That Welcomes You With Open Arms

Here at Murello’s Uptown Bail Bonds, we fully understand how frustrated and confused you must feel right now. That is why our family owned and operated Bail Bond Company has remained a success for so many decades here in Noblesville, Indiana. Our clients learn very quickly just how dedicated we are to providing safe and secure bail bond services and courteous client support. We know that everyone makes mistakes; after all, we are only human. So you can rest assure that no judgement is ever passed onto anyone that calls our office or enters through our doors. We treat every single client as a unique and special individual, and never discriminate under any circumstances. We are in the business of helping people, which is why we urge you to call us now if your boyfriend in jail.

What to Expect for Your Boyfriend

Right now, your boyfriend is probably still in the police cruiser and being transported to jail. Otherwise, he has already been transported to the jail and is awaiting the booking process. At the same time, the county magistrate on duty is setting his bond amount. Sometimes, offenders are denied bail if they committed a serious crime, have a history of fleeing, or poses a risk to the public or themselves. Most often, bail will be set, and within a few hours of his arrest. By law, bail must be addressed within 24 hours.

He is likely sitting in a lobby-like room at the jail’s admission entrance, or in a cell with other inmates. These are just holding cells with wall-mounted concrete benches, an open toilet, and a payphone. This is not prison or the actual long-term jail that offenders serve time in. This is just the processing center of the county detention facility or jail. So long as he is behaving, he will soon be called out by one of the jail officers to begin the booking process. This is when his personal data is collected, including fingerprints and mugshots.

Once he is finished being booked, he is placed back into the cell where he is given permission to post bond (if it has been set). This whole waiting and booking process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. It all depends on the traffic of the jail, the amount of staff available, and his behavior. For non-violent and non-intoxication related arrests, our bail agents can usually post bond within a few hours.

At Uptown Bail Bonds, you are treated like family, which means you are in good hands. You can set your worries aside now.

Hamilton County Bail Bonds

Hamilton County Bail Bonds 317-919-2489

You can call our Noblesville bail bondsman at 317-919-2489 to learn his current status and whether or not his bail has been set. We have the resources and long-term relationships with the Hamilton County jail staff and courthouses to get this information fast. The first step to getting him out is giving us a call. We can take it from there! We will inform you of everything you need to do, including the signing of the bail bond agreement, the responsibility you take on as his surety, and more.

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