Discounted Bail Bonds are Not a Real Thing

Bail bondsmen that have been in the industry for some time have probably received numerous phone calls about discounted bail bonds. This is because there are several immoral, fly-by-the-night, bail bond companies that will occasionally advertise false bail bond prices. Don’t become of a victim by falling prey to false advertising like this. Continue reading to learn what these false advertisements generally offer, and which bail bond prices to trust.

5 Percent Bail Bonds are Fake

The most common false advertisement for bail bonds is a 5% rate. This means an unethical “bail bondsman” will offer bail bonds at five percent a defendant’s total bond amount. Not only is this unethical, it is illegal and untrue. The government regulates how much a bail bond agency can charge for their services. Companies are legally obligated to obey these price limitations and allowances. The percentage differs from state to state, but all states have regulated bail bond prices. In all states, bail bond companies are allowed to charge between 10% and 15% of a defendants total bond amount. Here is an example:

If Joey is arrested for a DUI and the court sets a $5,000 bond for his release from jail to await trial, a bail bondsman can legally charge anywhere between $500 and $750.

A bail bond agency will charge between the two above-mentioned percentages depending on liability and personal preference. If a person has been arrested multiple times and has failed to appear for court in the past, a bail bondsman might decide to charge higher on the percentage spectrum, or simply deny service altogether.

Never trust a bail bond company that is claiming to charge anything less than the state-mandatory percentages for bail bonds. Discount bail bonds, “cheap” bail bonds, and price-cuts for bail bonds are not real. Not only do they not exist, they are illegal and unethical. If you come across a company advertising these lies, simply move on to the next reliable bail bond agency.

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