How to Respond to a Bench Warrant

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Although bench warrants are a form of arrest warrant, they do not necessarily mean you will go to jail. But it will mean you will need to visit the jail, arrange your bail, pay your bail, and then see the judge to finish whatever courtroom business you have left incomplete. They command a person’s presence on the judge’s bench, mostly for failure to appear for court (FTAs), but also for things like witness testimony, traffic tickets, child support, and other minor infractions.

Bench warrants are treated just like arrest warrants, so they give law enforcement the authorization to take a person into custody at any time, without warning, if they do not surrender on their own. You see, if there is a bench warrant out for your arrest, your name is flagged in the police database. So even if you are involved in a minor car accident that was not your fault, the officer will see your flagged name and take you into custody on
the spot. This is a guarantee.

Never Ignore a Bench Warrant

Bench warrants are still serious matters, and unrelentingly mandatory. Failing to respond to a bench warrant can lead to an arrest warrant, and subsequently, to criminal charges. If you have received a bench warrant request, whether mailed to you or served in person, it is vital that you obey. You future and your freedom depends on the choices you make when facing a bench warrant. Continue reading to learn exactly what you should do if you are called to the judges stand with a bench warrant.

Step One

As soon as you are aware of your bench warrant, you must take action the same day or the following morning. Do not hesitate or you could face serious legal penalties. Your first step is to contact a licensed criminal defense attorney if you do not already have one. They can give you instructions on what to do next, and manage the negotiations with the prosecution in order to avoid the maximum penalties for your charges.

Step Two

You will need to surrender yourself to the county jail your bench warrant is assigned to. But before you do this, you will need to prearrange your bail to speed up the process. Otherwise, you could face a few hours sitting in jail, rather than just walking in and walking out. Several local bail bond companies offer prearranged bail bond services. Simply contact a bail bondsman in the county of arrest, and they will instruct you on how to move forward with their services. Some agents even offer free jail pickup and drop-off services to and from their office.

Step Three

After paying the bail bondsman, they will post your bond in the jail. You will simply walk into the jail, be taken into the processing center for booking, and then released once your Noblesville bail bondsman finishes paying your bond premium. Keep in mind you will be in a legally-binding contract if you use bail bond services. This shouldn’t be a problem unless you plan to skip your court date, commit more crimes, or flee the state.

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