Key Points Regarding Indiana Arrest Warrants

There is no doubt about it; arrest warrants are confusing matters. But there is one thing that is always clear about them: time is of the essence. When you first receive notice of a Hamilton County IN arrest warrant, it is important to act fast. The longer you wait to address a warrant of any kind, bench or arrest, the more penalties you will face when you ultimately do surrender to authorities. It is solely your responsibility to address an arrest warrant within the allotted time period permitted by the county or state. However, this is not the only important consideration for managing a Hamilton County arrest warrant. There is more you should know if you are currently facing an arrest warrant in Noblesville, Indiana.

Continue reading to learn some key points regarding Indian arrest warrants, including who to call for the fastest bail bond services in Hamilton County, Indiana.

24 Hour Bail Bonds Hamilton County Noblesville Indiana  317-919-2489
24 Hour Bail Bonds Hamilton County Noblesville Indiana 317-919-2489

Arrest Warrants are Not the Same as Bench Warrants

As mentioned, arrest warrants to be confusing legal documents. It is important to understand that an arrest warrant is not the same thing as a bench warrant. Bench warrants are typically served to those who have missed a court date. Whether you’re scheduled in civil court for custody matters with your ex, or due in court to appeal a traffic violation, if you do not show up, the county may issue a bench warrant to force you to visit the “judge’s bench” and address your legal matters.

If you are facing a bench warrant, you do not likely need bail bond services because you will not likely be arrested or processed into the jail system. Once you deal with your legal matters and from the judge, you likely do some paperwork, pay a fine, and be on your way.

Arrest Warrants and Prearranged Bail Bonds

If you are facing an arrest warrant, there are several options for obtaining a release from jail after you surrender to authorities. But you will need to surrender to authorities. To do this safely and securely, and in a way that ensures you do not spend a moment longer in jail and you have to, hire a local Hamilton County bail bond company for prearranged bail bond service.

How Prearranged Bail Bond Service Works

Prearranged bail bond services are incredibly convenient for surrendering to an arrest warrant. To begin, you will visit the bail bond agent at their Hamilton County bail bond office to initiate the paperwork and payment arrangements. The bail bondsman will then drive you to the Hamilton County Jail where you will be dropped off at the processing center.

At the processing center, you will be taken in and physically “arrested”, then processed into the jail’s database system. Once your bail has been set by the presiding judge on duty, the bail bondsman will pay your bail, then you will be eligible for release. In many cases, this can take as little as one hour.

Next, the bail bondsman will pick you up from the jail and take you back to their office where you will finish any remaining paperwork and payment obligations. After being released from jail on a bail bond, you are still obligated under the terms and conditions of your bail bond agreement. A bail bond agreement is a legally-binding contract, so you will need to refrain from leaving the state or committing any for the crimes, but most importantly, you need to be sure you appear for your scheduled court date.

Are you looking for the best Hamilton County bail bond company that can get you out of jail faster than you can have a pizza delivered? Contact Uptown Bail Bonds at 317-919-2489 for the fastest and most affordable arrest warrant bail bonds in Hamilton County, Indiana. We operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

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