What Happens After Being Arrested?

Whether you are asking for yourself because you must soon surrender to an arrest warrant, or if your friend was just arrested and you want to help, you probably want to know how to get out of jail as fast as possible. Well, the answer is simple. Bail bonds are the fastest method of getting out of jail in Noblesville, IN after an arrest.

Continue below to learn what happens after the arrest, and how to use a bail bond service to get out of jail in Hamilton County, Indiana.

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Calling an Attorney is Not Necessary Right After an Arrest

Many people assume they must contact a lawyer after their friend or loved one is arrested, but the first call should always be to a bail bondsman. If you are arrested, your first call should be to someone who can contact a bail bondsman for you. Once a person is out on bond, then they should contact and hire a criminal defense lawyer to represent their case.

You do not need a criminal attorney to get your friend out of jail, but if you are surrendering to an arrest warrant, you should hire a lawyer as soon as possible; but you do not need them to get bailed out of jail.

What to Expect After a Person is Arrested

After an arrest, a person is taken to the county jail.

At the jail, they will be booked and processed, meaning all their information will be collected by jail staff and entered into the jail’s database system.

After an arrestee is booked and processed, they can post their bond.

Once the bail bond is posted and accepted by a jail, liability is taken on the bail bond. At that point the bail bond premium is fully earned and is not refundable.

Most jails accept bail bonds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 of the year. The Hamilton County Indiana Jail releases prisoners by appointment only.

Are you looking for 24 hour bail bond and arrest warrant services in Hamilton County? Contact Uptown Bail Bonds at 317-919-2489 for the fastest and friendliest bail bonds in Noblesville, Indiana. We are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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How to Post Your Own Bail

Sadly, not everyone has the option of calling a friend or loved one for help posting bail after being arrested. Not because the jail revokes their phone privileges, and not necessarily because they don’t have any friends or family, but because certain circumstances simply don’t allow it. Whether for pride, employment protection, or something else, sometimes a person must post their bail all on their own. Fortunately, there are convenient ways to do so. If you currently have an arrest warrant and need to surrender soon, continue reading and
learn how to post your own bail.

Get Booked and Processed

Be prepared to wait while jail staff books all the inmates. This could take anywhere from an hour to several hours, depending on the amount of traffic. The booking process includes mugshot, finger printing, gathering of personal information, and more. Once you have been processed through the system, you will be led back to the holding cell and given the opportunity to make phone calls. Jails will allow as many phone calls as you need to arrange a release from jail. However, bad behavior will take away this privilege until they believe you are ready.

Then Make a Choice

To post your own bail, you have two options. You can choose to pay the entire bond amount in cash at the jail, or you can choose to pay a small percentage of your total bond amount by hiring a bail bond company. If you pay cash for your full bond, your payment will be refunded back to you when you show up for all court hearings. If you use a bail bond company, the percentage you pay is a non-refundable fee. Even if you have the thousands of dollars to pay your full bond amount in cash doesn’t mean it is a wise choice. You don’t want to empty your bank account for a release from jail. Choose a bail bond service for a more practical and simple way to get out of jail.

Call a Bail Bond Company

A bail bond company will only charge you a small percentage of your total bond amount, and although non-refundable, it is a highly-worthwhile investment. Make a phone call to a local bail bond company located near the county jail you are locked up in. Then tell them your information and they will take it from there! They will provide supportive, professional bail bond services, and can even pick you up from jail and drop you off at their office to complete the rest of the paperwork.

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Call Uptown Bail Bonds at 317-919-2489 to get out of the Hamilton County jail. We offer fast and friendly 24 hour bail bonds for anyone arrested in Noblesville, Indiana and its surrounding locations. Our experienced bail bondsmen are happy to help you surrender to an arrest warrant, bail yourself out of jail, and provide professional guidance. Call 317-919-2489 to request a free estimate or bail bond information, any time.

Turning Yourself In: The Best Way to Prepare for Jail

Being arrested is not supposed to be fun. So it is no surprise that going to jail is a highly stressful and emotional situation for a person, and even for their loved ones. If you have a warrant out for your arrest, and you need to turn yourself into authorities, you are probably scared and hesitant to move forward because the idea of being in jail is intimidating. But it is important to obey the law and get your legal matters dealt with as soon as possible to avoid additional legal penalties, such as probation and jail time.

Jail is Not Scary

When it comes to being in jail, there is nothing to worry about except your own behavior. The jail you see in movies and television is not an accurate depiction of what a local county jail is like. The jail you would be turning yourself into is a small, county jail meant to be a temporary means of detainment. These are just holding cells in a police station, basically. There is nothing to fear so long as you prepare properly and behave appropriately.

Prepare Before Surrendering to an Arrest Warrant

In most cases, when you surrender yourself to police for a warrant, you will be obligated to remain in county jail until you are processed into the system. Once you are processed, or “booked” as many people refer to it, you are free to post bond. Depending on the amount of traffic in the jail, this can take anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours or more. For arrest warrants, you can expect to stay for just a few hours or less.

The first thing to do before turning yourself into authorities is call a bail bondsman in the same county as the jail. So if your arrest warrant is in Hamilton County, you will need to call a Hamilton County bail bondsman and surrender yourself at the Hamilton County Jail. A bail bondsman can pre-arrange your release from jail, accelerating the bail bond process. They can also drop you off and pick you back up, so you can leave your car at their office during your entire jail stay. They offer these incredibly convenient services for anyone who needs to turn themselves in for an arrest warrant. They will charge a non-refundable fee (10-15% of of your total bond amount) for their services, but it is much more cost-effective than paying the entire bond in cash.

The next thing to do before turning yourself in is prepare for sitting in jail. Jail is cold and hard. Not only is it frigid cold, the benches are uncomfortable concrete. So if you want to nap or relax, be sure to wear something very warm and comfortable. A long sleeve shirt, sweater, long pants, and closed-toed shoes are recommended.

And last, think about how you will pass the time while you are waiting to post bond. Do you have a business or project idea that needs hashed out? Perhaps you need to catch up on some meditation or prayer? Try to find something that is useful and purposeful so you are content the whole time. Otherwise, be prepared for some straight-forward boredom. After all, jail is not supposed to be fun!

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Can I Bail a Friend Out of Jail on Halloween?

Several places are closed on holidays in Indiana. But since so much mischief can happen on Halloween, it is pertinent to ask whether or not bail bond agencies or county jails will be operating that day. Of course law enforcement never takes a day off, and arrests will never stop; but do county jails and courts allow bail on holidays? Do bail bondsmen even work on Halloween? If your friend is arrested on Halloween, and you want to know if you can get them out of jail, continue reading and find out!

Halloween Bail Bonds

Bail bond agencies typically never close, holiday or not. Also, jails and magistrate’s offices never take a day off either. This means, no matter what time, day, or holiday it is, you CAN bail your friend or loved one out of jail, but not without some potential and likely obstacles. You see, jails in general take a substantial amount of time processing inmates into their detention facilities. And then they take just as long to process them out. You can expect to wait anywhere from a few hours to a few days before getting your loved one released from county jail. Now if you must add in the fact that it’s a weekend, you can expect this time to increase by 25% or more. But if it’s a holiday, you can go ahead and double the time.

So although bail bond companies, jails, and judge’s offices are open and operational, you may not be able to bail your friend or loved one out of jail on Halloween, or any holiday for that matter, since it may take more than 24 hours due to high traffic in the jails.

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Are Bounty Hunters and Bail Bondsmen the Same Job?

Bail bondsmen and bounty hunters are often times confused for one another. Their duties are misunderstood, misinterpreted, and stereotyped due to television shows and movies today. If you want to know the truth about the differences between bail agents and bounty hunters, you have come to the right place! Continue reading to learn the roles and responsibilities for both bounty hunters and bail bondsmen in our local communities, towns, and cities.

Bounty Hunters

If you have heard the term, “bounty hunter” or “fugitive recovery agent” then you may already have an impression of what a bounty hunter does for a living. The downside to this is that many people misconstrue the actual responsibilities of a bounty hunter. Here are the facts; although they may differ slightly from state to state.

Bounty hunters are, in fact, referred to as fugitive recovery agents; as well as, skip tracers and bail recovery agents. This is their number one calling. They are sometimes hired in high-profile cases to investigate the whereabouts of a fugitive out on bail. The company that does the hiring is the bail bond agency. This is where the two parties work together. If a person is bonded out of jail by a bail agency, but skips their court date, a bail bondsman may hire a bounty hunter to help track down the truant. This is especially likely for high bond circumstances or cases that involve dangerous individuals. Bounty hunting is illegal in some cities and states.

Bail Bondsmen

A bail bondsman is an agent who is hired to pay the entire bond cost for a person in jail, for a non-refundable percentage of the actual bond amount. Their company acts a surety; and pledges money to pay for a person to be released from jail on the promise that they will appear for their scheduled court dates. This whole process can take as little as a few hours. Bail bonds are useful commodities and allow people to take time to make up for any mistakes or misunderstandings that led to their arrest. So long as the defendant shows for all required court hearings, the bail bond agent is satisfied and the defendant is covered according to the courts.

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Call Uptown Bail Bonds at 317-919-2489 for bail bond services in Hamilton County, Indiana. We are licensed and bonded bail agents with good-standing relationships with the local jail staffs and courthouses. Our friendly bail bondsmen can offer a fast and secure release from the Hamilton County jail, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! Call 317-919-2489 for Hamilton County bail bonds you can trust!

Why Are Bail Bonds Non-Refundable?

The number one question all bail bondsmen get from phone calls and clients has to do with paying for bail bonds. So many people want to know if they’ll receive their money back after a trial or case has closed, or when a defendant completes probation. The quick answer is that bail bonds are not refundable, ever. Just like buying a share of stock, you cannot ask or get your money back once you have agreed to the transaction. Continue reading to learn more about why bail bonds cannot be refunded, and who you can trust for accurate and honest answers to all your bail bond questions.

Non-Refundable Bail Bonds

Although a popular circulating question, lawyers, police officers, and jail staff might not have the appropriate answer for you. It is always best to consult a licensed bail bondsman directly for accurate and updated answers to questions about bail. No matter what ends up happening in court, a defendant cannot get a refund for bail bond services. And all bail bond agencies will inform clients upfront that there are no refunds for their services.

The reason bail bonds are not refundable has to do with liability. A bail bond company is assuming all responsibility for a client, in terms of bond amount and initial court appearances. If a person fails to appear for their initial scheduled court date following their arrest, the bail bond company that provided their services will have to forfeit all of the money they “put up” for the defendant’s release from jail.

So if a person’s bond is set at $10,000, they can either pay that money in-whole to the jail to be released, OR, they can purchase a bail bond for 10-15% of that amount (Ten to fifteen percent is the standard Indiana rate for bail bonds). That 10 to 15% is non-refundable because if the defendant misses or skips their court hearing, the bail bond company does not get back the $10,000 THEY paid to have their client released from jail.

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3 Qualities to Look for in a Reliable Bail Bond Company

When you have the responsibility of getting a friend or loved one out of jail after they have been arrested, it is important to find the right resource for the job. In almost all cases, using a bail bond is the fastest, easiest, and most secure method to obtaining a person’s release from jail in local counties.

Since bail bond services are very common, you are likely to find a handfuls of companies offering bail bonds, but beware! Not all bail bondsmen are reliable or even licensed! There are certain qualities you must look for in a bail bond company to weed out all the unreliable businesses. When starting out your search, be sure to look for these top three qualities in a bail bond company before using their services to get a friend or loved one out of jail.


Extensive experience is a must when choosing a reliable bail bond company. Experience shows that a company is well-established and not a fly-by-the-night business. It also shows that they are trained and well-versed in everything there is to know within the industry. On top of longevity and knowledge, experience often gives local bail bond companies an advantage because they have long-standing relationships with the local jails and courthouses. This can aid in the speediness of a person’s release from incarceration. A well-established and respectable company should have at least ten years’ experience in the same county.


Never use a bail bondsman or company that cannot show proof of licensing. There are crooks out there that will promise bail bond services, take your money, and never be heard of again. Also, licensing is important in order to run a legitimate bail bond business. Without proper licensing, it is not legal for bail bond companies to do business.

Customer Services

On top of bail bonds, a reliable company will offer a variety of customer services and conveniences. Services such as notary services, various bond services, emergency bail bonds, and more are a good start; while customer conveniences could include services like free jail pickup and drop-off services, complimentary inmate lookup, free jail address information, 24 hour service, and more. These extras are a great indication that a company is serious and proficient at what they do.

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Call Uptown Bail Bonds at 317-919-2489 to get out of jail in Hamilton County, Indiana. We offer a wide variety of bail bond services, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! We are licensed and insured Indianapolis bail bondsmen with decades of experience in the indemnity industry. Call 317-919-2489 for superior Hamilton County bail bond services you can trust!

When is Bail Denied?

Most often, anyone arrested will be granted the opportunity to obtain a bail bond to get out of jail and await their court hearing at home. However, there are circumstances in which a judge might deny someone this privilege. We all would want to get ourselves or a loved one out of jail as fast as possible, and the best way to do so is to use a local bail bond agency. But if a judge denies bail, there is no use in calling a bail bondsman. Continue reading to learn some examples of when a defendant might be denied bail after being arrested for a suspected crime.

Too Many FTA’s

A defendant is almost guaranteed to have their bail rights revoked if they have a history of failing to appear for their scheduled court hearings. If a person is arrested, and then released on bond, they are granted this right under the condition that they appear for all relevant court hearings. If someone intentionally fails to show up for court, the judge will immediately issue an arrest warrant for the defendant to be detained and kept in custody once again. But this time, they will not be able to afford the cost of their bail because the judge will set it so high, or they will be denied bail altogether.

Probation and Parole

If a person is recently released from a long stint in prison, they are almost always on parole. This means they have a strict set of rules and guidelines to follow that regular law-abiding citizens do not. For example, they cannot leave the country, commit any other type of crime, or violate their parole (failing drug tests, skipping parole officer meetings, not completing community services, etc.) for a certain time period following their release. This can be anywhere from two to ten years, or more depending on the criminal history and circumstances. For those who have been arrested, released, and charged with a crime might be put on probation, which rules and regulations vary depending on the individual person and crime. Whether parole or probation, if a person is on one of these and violates in anyway, they are most likely going to be denied bail.

Illegal Immigrants

If a non-citizen of the country is arrested, they are not likely to be granted bail privileges, especially if their crime is something other than being an illegal citizen. Instead, they are likely to face deportation, extradition, or jail time in our country.

Capital Crimes

Capital crimes are so serious that most people charged with one might face the death penalty. In these cases, there is no bail allowed. Not only are they considered a danger to society, they are more prone to fleeing the country to evade capital punishment.

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How Do Bail Bonds Work?

If your son, daughter, co-worker, friend, or loved one has been arrested for a petty or misdemeanor crime, don’t worry yourself into a frenzy. You can quickly get them out of jail by using a trusted bail bond company. So long as they were arrested sober, you can obtain a release from jail in as little as one hour in some cases. Even when there is moderate to heavy traffic at the jail, you can still get a friend or loved one release in as little as a few hours or so. It is best to understand how bail bonds work before calling an agency and outsourcing their services. However, a reputable bail bond company can also offer you this same information for free, right over the phone. Either way, having knowledge about how the system works can not only better prepare you for what to expect, it can also eliminate the stress that comes with discovering someone close to you has been arrested. Continue reading to learn how bail bonds work, and which company to trust for prompt and professional services.

Going to Jail

As soon as a person is arrested, they are taken to the nearest county jail. So if someone were arrested in Noblesville, Indiana, they would be detained at the Hamilton County jail. Once a person is transferred to the jail, they are placed in a holding cell that looks much like the jail cells you’ve probably seen on television. These holding cells are generally located directly in the booking and processing room. Booking and processing are terms that refer to the process of getting an arrestee’s fingerprints, mug shots, personal information, and more, and then entering all these records into the jail’s database system.

An arrested person will wait in their holding cell until jail staff can get to them and begin their booking and processing. This can take anywhere from a couple of hours, to an entire day or more; depending on how busy the jail is, the number of staff working, and whether or not an arrested person is intoxicated. If intoxicated, jail staff cannot begin the booking process until the arrestee is entirely sober. This usually means they won’t even check on them for at least 8 hours. Once they are sober, they can be booked and processed.

Bail Bond Process

Now once a person has been booked and processed, they are eligible for bail. They can either call a local bail bond company for immediate assistance and service, or they can call a friend or family member and have them call a bail bondsman. They can forgo both these options and pay their bond in cash, but this is rare considering not many people have this amount of cash on hand. If a person does choose to pay their entire bond amount in cash, a total that can be upwards of 10,000 or more, they will be released from jail and their payment will be returned when they appear for their scheduled court hearing.

Calling a Bail Bondsman

When a person calls a bail bond company, they are making a good choice. This is the easiest and most secure way to obtain a release from jail for yourself or another person. A bail bond company pays the entire bond amount, in exchange for a small non-refundable fee. This fee is mandated by law, so no other bail bond company charges more or less for their services. Bail bond prices are figured by calculating ten or fifteen percent of the person’s total bond amount. So if a person’s bond amount was 10,000 dollars, a bail bondsman will ask for a non-refundable fee of 1,000 to 1,500 dollars for his services.

In addition to this fee, the person bailing a friend or loved one out of jail with a bail bond will be obligated to sign a contract stating they are responsible for paying the remainder of the arrestee’s bond amount (in this case, $9,000 or so) if the defendant fails to appear for court. So if the person you bail out of jail with a bail bond doesn’t show up for their schedule court date, you are legally responsible for paying the bail agent the remainder of their bond.

This is because the bail bond company forfeits the monies they put up for the arrestee’s release, with the expectation that they will receive that money back when the person shows up for court. So if they don’t show, the bail agent doesn’t get their money back, but they do have a binding agreement with the person who signed for the bail bond saying they are legally responsible for paying the bail agent back.

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