Turning Yourself In: The Best Way to Prepare for Jail

Being arrested is not supposed to be fun. So it is no surprise that going to jail is a highly stressful and emotional situation for a person, and even for their loved ones. If you have a warrant out for your arrest, and you need to turn yourself into authorities, you are probably scared and hesitant to move forward because the idea of being in jail is intimidating. But it is important to obey the law and get your legal matters dealt with as soon as possible to avoid additional legal penalties, such as probation and jail time.

Jail is Not Scary

When it comes to being in jail, there is nothing to worry about except your own behavior. The jail you see in movies and television is not an accurate depiction of what a local county jail is like. The jail you would be turning yourself into is a small, county jail meant to be a temporary means of detainment. These are just holding cells in a police station, basically. There is nothing to fear so long as you prepare properly and behave appropriately.

Prepare Before Surrendering to an Arrest Warrant

In most cases, when you surrender yourself to police for a warrant, you will be obligated to remain in county jail until you are processed into the system. Once you are processed, or “booked” as many people refer to it, you are free to post bond. Depending on the amount of traffic in the jail, this can take anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours or more. For arrest warrants, you can expect to stay for just a few hours or less.

The first thing to do before turning yourself into authorities is call a bail bondsman in the same county as the jail. So if your arrest warrant is in Hamilton County, you will need to call a Hamilton County bail bondsman and surrender yourself at the Hamilton County Jail. A bail bondsman can pre-arrange your release from jail, accelerating the bail bond process. They can also drop you off and pick you back up, so you can leave your car at their office during your entire jail stay. They offer these incredibly convenient services for anyone who needs to turn themselves in for an arrest warrant. They will charge a non-refundable fee (10-15% of of your total bond amount) for their services, but it is much more cost-effective than paying the entire bond in cash.

The next thing to do before turning yourself in is prepare for sitting in jail. Jail is cold and hard. Not only is it frigid cold, the benches are uncomfortable concrete. So if you want to nap or relax, be sure to wear something very warm and comfortable. A long sleeve shirt, sweater, long pants, and closed-toed shoes are recommended.

And last, think about how you will pass the time while you are waiting to post bond. Do you have a business or project idea that needs hashed out? Perhaps you need to catch up on some meditation or prayer? Try to find something that is useful and purposeful so you are content the whole time. Otherwise, be prepared for some straight-forward boredom. After all, jail is not supposed to be fun!

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