Will My Credit Score Be Affected if I Bail My Friend Out of Jail?

There is a higher awareness for financial protection and planning these days, considering all the new and innovative technologies available at our grasp. So, when you are faced with the decision of bailing a friend out of jail, you might have questions about the potential liability you take on in doing so, especially when it comes to your credit scores.

If you were recently asked to post a friend’s bail, be sure you understand the seriousness of a bail bond agreement, the risk you take on, and how it might affect your credit. Continue reading to learn these facts and more.

Noblesville Bail Bonds 317-919-2489
Noblesville Bail Bonds 317-919-2489

Bail Bond Agreements

Bail bond agreements are legally-binding contracts. You must sign one in order to purchase bail bond services and get your friend out of jail using a bail bond. Upon signing a bail bond agreement, you instantly take on all liability and responsibility for ensuring your friend appears for their scheduled court hearing. If your friend does not show up for their court date, you are legally obligated to pay back the entire bail premium in full to the bail bond company. The bail premium is the amount of money set by the judge following your friend’s arrest. In most cases, this premium is in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. This means you do not want to be legally responsible for paying this back.

Accordingly, you must ask yourself whether or not you are willing to take on such liability on their behalf. If they have a habitual criminal history, or a history of not showing up for court, you may want to rethink signing a bail bond contract for their release from jail. On the other hand, if you are 100% sure that your friend is trustworthy, and you know they will show up for court, you can feel comfortable moving forward with signing the agreement.

So long as your friend appears for court, you are off the hook for the bail premium. However, keep in mind that the fee you pay the bail bondsman is non-refundable, so be sure to have your friend pay you back when they get out of jail! Do you have questions about bail bond fees? See our blog, “FAQS About Bail Bond Prices” to learn how fees are calculated.

Bail Bonds and Credit Scores

The only way your credit score can be affected in anyway as a result of bailing a friend out of jail using a bail bond service is if you purchase the bail bond on credit, and then fail to pay if off. However, most bail bond companies do not accept credit, and only allow payments in cash, or sometimes collateral, such as property.

How to Get Started With Noblesville Bail Bond Services

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