Can I Get Bailed Out of Jail if I Turn Myself in for a Violent Crime?

Arrest warrants are serious, and should never be ignored or neglected under any circumstances. In the best case scenario, a defendant would hire a criminal defense lawyer to protect their rights and preserve their freedoms as they go through the process of surrendering to their arrest warrant. But not everyone has this option, leaving them to wonder just how long they will have to sit in jail before being released, or worse, sentenced. In the case that you are surrendering to an arrest warrant under violent crime charges, such as domestic abuse or assault, the consequences are much higher, and jail time is almost always a certainty.

Continue reading to learn what you can expect in terms of being granted bail and using a bail bond for a release from jail after turning yourself in for an arrest warrant.

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Violent Offenses and Penalties in Indiana

Indiana sentencing schedules are strict. Even if you are charged with the lowest misdemeanor, you can still face up to 60 days in jail. When it comes to violent offenses, Indiana is also ready to penalize offenders to the highest degree, and use such cases as a precautionary teaching tool for other criminals and potential offenders.

All violent crimes range from Class C misdemeanors to Level 1 felonies. Murder is in its own criminal category, and bail is never granted for such charges. All other charges however, are included on Indiana’s bail schedule, which means you can bond out of jail after surrendering to an arrest warrant for a violent crime, so long as the presiding judge strongly agrees that you will show up for your upcoming court dates.

Current Bail Schedule for Hamilton County, Indiana:

➢ LEVEL 1 & 2 – $50,000
➢ LEVEL 3 & 4 – $25,000
➢ LEVEL 5 – $10,000
➢ LEVEL 6 – $5,000

When You Might Be Denied Bail

If you are a habitual offender, there is a good chance that a judge will not want to grant you bail privileges. Additionally, if you are known for skipping court dates or have skipped out on your bond in the past, a judge will be even more inclined to deny your right to bail. In this case, you would sit in county jail until your scheduled court date. From there, you will either be found guilty and taken straight to prison, or you will be found not guilty and free to go home from court that day.

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