What is the Difference Between a Bail Agent and a Bounty Hunter?

Bail bondsmen and bounty hunters are often times confused for one another.  Their duties are misunderstood, misinterpreted, and stereotyped due to television shows and movies today.  If you want to know the truth about the differences between bail agents and bounty hunters, you have come to the right place!

Continue reading to learn the roles and responsibilities for both bounty hunters and bail bondsmen in our local communities, towns, and cities.

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Noblesville IN Bail Bond Agent 317-919-2489

Facts About Bounty Hunters and Bail Bond Agents

What is a Bounty Hunter?

If you have heard the term, “bounty hunter” or “fugitive recovery agent” then you may already have an impression of what a bounty hunter does for a living. The downside to this is that many people misconstrue the actual responsibilities of a bounty hunter.  Here are the facts; although they may differ slightly from state to state.

Bounty hunters are, in fact, referred to as fugitive recovery agents, as well as skip tracers and bail recovery agents.  This is their number one calling.  They are sometimes hired in high-profile cases to investigate the whereabouts of a fugitive out on bail. The company that does the hiring is the bail bond agency.  This is where the two parties work together. 

If a person is bonded out of jail by a bail agency, but skips their court date, a bail bondsman may hire a bounty hunter to help track down the truant. This is especially likely for high bond circumstances or cases that involve dangerous individuals.  Bounty hunting is illegal in some cities and states.

What Does a Bail Bondsman Do?

A bail bondsman is an agent who is hired to pay the entire bond cost for a person in jail, for a non-refundable percentage of the actual bond amount.  Their company acts a surety; and pledges money to pay for a person to be released from jail on the promise that they will appear for their scheduled court dates.  This whole process can take as little as a few hours. 

Bail bonds are useful commodities and allow people to take time to make up for any mistakes or misunderstandings that led to their arrest.  So long as the defendant shows for all required court hearings, the bail bond agent is satisfied, and the defendant is covered according to the courts.

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