Do I Need a Bail Bond for a Public Intoxication Arrest?

There are serious crimes, and then there are some not-so-serious crimes. As for being intoxicated in public, the argument can go both ways. However, most states are quite lenient with their public intoxication laws, and have even introduced new laws that protect public drinkers from certain legal repercussions. For instance, you can freely drink on the streets of New Orleans, within the confines of private resorts, at stadium events and concerts, and much more. Outside in the general public, so long as the drink is concealed, it can be legally consumed.

So, when a person is arrested for being drunk in public, are the consequences less severe? Do jails even require bail for such an offense? Will the state even press charges? Continue reading to find out what you need to know about getting released from jail after a public intoxication arrest.

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Public Intoxication Laws in Indiana

Public Intoxication Indiana Code 7.1-5-1-3 states that a person who is intoxicated in public is only committing a Class B Misdemeanor if they are exhibiting one of three behaviors. A police officer can only arrest a person for public intoxication if they are:

✦ Endangering their Life or the Life of Others
✦ Breaching the Peace or in Imminent Danger of Breaching the Peace
✦ Harassing, Annoying, or Alarming Another Person or Group of People

This statute means that intoxicated people have the general civil right to walk home or take public transportation without legal consequence, so long as they are behaving responsibly. But it is important to understand that law enforcement officers ultimately have full discretion when determining whether or not a person’s behavior is a breach of public peace, or any other type of violation decreed in the statute. While one person might get away with being publicly intoxicated, another might not, since both drunken behaviors and officer discretion can vary.

Bail Bonds for Public Intoxication

In cases of minor public intoxication offenses, such as a person falling asleep on a park bench, most officers will simply have the jail hold them in custody until they are sober, and then release them with out pressing charges. However, for those who are habitual offenders, on parole or probation, or behaved very badly while intoxicated, an official arrest can be expected. In this case, a bail bond would be needed to get out of jail without having to front the entire bond premium.

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