Do I Need a Lawyer to Post Bail in Hamilton County?

Anyone arrested for a minor infraction or misdemeanor will most likely be granted bail. When it comes to getting out of jail in these situations, a person has a few options. Since most people are facing criminal charges after being arrested, they already have the need for a lawyer. For this reason, many people assume that they need their lawyer to post their bail for them. Continue reading to learn more about a lawyer’s role after your arrest, and how to get out of jail in Hamilton County.

Hamilton County Bail Bonds 317-919-2489

Hamilton County Bail Bonds 317-919-2489

A Lawyer’s Role

A lawyer has the role of defending your criminal charges. Their job is to build an impactful defense on your behalf so you can avoid the maximum penalties for your suspected crimes. Although they can arrange bail for you, but they will not be your surety. What they can do in terms of bail is coordinate with your friends and family to arrange a bail bond agreement and act as your surety to get you out of jail. For this reason, you do not need a lawyer to post your bail, or even surrender to an arrest warrant.

How to Get Out of Jail

You can choose to post your own bail, or call friends and family and request that they bail you out of jail. If friends or family agree to post your bail, they will need to sign a legally-binding contract that holds them liable for the total bond amount if you fail to appear for your court hearings or break court orders. This is a serious liability, so it is important that they know exactly what they are signing and the extent of responsibility it entails. This is why parents and loved ones are the most common sureties. Whether you want to post your own bail or have someone do it for you, the first step is calling a local Hamilton County bail bondsman.

They can provide all the necessary services and amenities to help you arrange your own bail, or arrange bail for someone else. Some companies can offer free rides to and from the jail, from their office. This is very helpful for surrender to arrest warrants. To surrender to an arrest warrant, you could come to the bail bond office, arrange your bail, get dropped off at jail, get processed into the system, post bail, then picked up from jail, and taken back to the bail bond office to complete the paperwork.

You can also choose to forgo using a bail bond, and instead, pay your total bond amount in cash directly to the court. You will receive this money back once your case is finalized and you have completed all your court orders. This is not always recommended since it is risky giving up that much cash during a stressful time in life. A bail bondsman only charges a small percentage of your total bond amount, making it a much more economical and practical choice.

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Hamilton County Bail Bonds 317-919-2489

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