How to Get Out of Jail in Hamilton County Noblesville

If someone you know was just arrested in Noblesville, they are being taken to the Hamilton County jail. In order to get them out of jail as fast as possible, you will need some information. But do not feel overwhelmed; your first and only step is to contact a Noblesville bail bonds company for information and assistance.

Continue below to learn exactly how to get out of jail in Hamilton County, Noblesville.

Hamilton County Bail Bonds 317-919-2489
Hamilton County Bail Bonds 317-919-2489

The Arrest, Booking, Processing & More

Once a person is transferred to the jail, they are placed in a holding cell to await the booking and processing stage that includes fingerprinting, mug shots, personal data collection, and more, all of which is entered into a universal database system for the jail. This wait can take anywhere from a couple of hours, to an entire day or more, depending on how busy the jail is, the number of staff working, and whether or not an arrested person is intoxicated.

If intoxicated, jail staff cannot begin the booking process until the arrestee is entirely sober. This usually means they won’t even check on them for at least 8 hours. Once they are sober, they can be booked and processed. After the booking and processing stage, the inmate is typically eligible for bail, which is best carried out with the help of a licensed bail agent.

Using a Hamilton County Bail Bondsman

When a person calls a bail bond company, they are making a good choice. This is the easiest and most secure way to obtain a release from jail for yourself or another person. A bail bond company pays the entire bond amount, in exchange for a non-refundable fee. This fee is mandated by law, so no other bail bond company charges more or less for their services. Bail bond fees are figured by calculating a percentage of the total bond amount set by the judge. So if a person’s bond amount was set at $10,000 dollars, and a bail bondsman charges a 15% fee, the service will cost $1,500 dollars.

In addition to paying a fee, you will be obligated to sign a contract accepting responsibility for the remainder of the arrestee’s bond amount if they fail to appear for court. So if the person you bail out of jail doesn’t show up for their schedule court date, you are legally responsible for paying the bail agent the remainder of their bond amount. In the example above, that would be around $9,000.

Who to Trust for Fast Noblesville Bail

Call Uptown Bail Bonds at 317-919-2489 to get out of the Hamilton County Jail in Noblesville, Indiana. We are licensed and insured bail bond agents who provide fast and friendly, 24 hour Noblesville bail bond services, including prearranged bail bonds for arrest warrants. And since we are the closest bail bonds company to the courthouse, the whole process can take only a few minutes! Request a free estimate or information, anytime.