The Typical Order of Events After an Arrest in Indiana

The arrest of a friend or loved one is always an uncertain time. The experience can leave you feeling hopeless or even helpless. But by educating yourself on the typical order of events after arrest in Indiana, you can calm some of your anxiety surrounding your friend or loved one’s arrest. Continue below to learn what you need to know about being arrested in Indiana and the bail bond process that follows.

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What Happens After Being Arrested in Indiana?

The process of being arrested Indiana will vary depending on several factors unique to each defendant, however, the typical order of events is detainment, booking, bail, and arraignment. Again, depending on the specific factors relevant to your friend’s arrest, the order of events regarding this process may be different from the next person. It is important to speak with a Noblesville Indiana bail bondsman for current information and advice on your unique arrest situation.

The Criminal Justice Process in Indiana:

The Arrest

The first phase of the criminal justice process in an average case is the arrest, or detainment. This is when a suspected criminal is taken into custody by police and transported to the corresponding county jail.


Following the arrest and detainment, law enforcement will transport a suspected criminal defendant to the local county jail to be booked and processed into the jail’s database system. This process involves fingerprinting, mugshots, data collection like employment and contact information, and similar census gathering.

Arrested under the influence? If a person is arrested while inebriated, they will not be eligible for booking until they are deemed sober, which is usually 6 to 8 hours. Once eight this amount of time has passed, the jail staff will proceed with booking and processing phase.

Posting Bail

Once the booking and processing phase is complete, the defendant’s bail has usually been set by the presiding magistrate on duty. A defendant has two primary options for obtaining a release from jail: 1) they can pay their bond amount in full directly to the jail, in which they will receive a full refund upon appearing for their scheduled court dates, or 2) they can pay a local Noblesville bail bond service a portion of their bond amount, which will not be refunded.

Many people choose to hire a Hamilton County bail bondsman because bond amounts can be extremely high, and the average person cannot afford to fork up that amount of cash for months or years at a time. A bail bond service allows defendants to pay a percentage of their total bond amount, making a more economical and practical means of obtaining a release from jail prior to trial. The price for a bail bond will depend on several factors, including the defendant’s bail history, severity of charges, and more.

Note: If a person is arrested on homicide charges, they will not be granted bail privileges.

The Arraignment

The initial court hearing scheduled after someone has been arrested is called an arraignment, which usually takes place within 48 hours of the arrest. At the arraignment, the defendant is read their criminal charges and given the opportunity to make a plea. So long as the defendant has already posted bail, they are free to go home after their arraignment.

Those arrested on more serious charges may not be granted bail right away. Instead, they must wait until their arraignment for the judge to grant and set their bail. Sometimes, the judge will deny bail privileges and the defendant must wait in jail until their trial. If granted bail at the arraignment, the defendant can post their bail at that time.

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