How to Avoid Getting Stuck in Jail After Surrendering to a Warrant

The number one fear among most defendants who are facing an arrest warrant, whether outstanding or not, is getting stuck in jail. No one wants to sit in jail longer than they have to, and for anyone who has been to jail before, this rings especially true. If you are preparing to turn yourself in for an arrest warrant, have no fear. There is a perfectly simple and effective way to avoid being in jail for too long after surrendering to an arrest warrant. Continue below to find out!

Get Out of Jail Noblesville Indiana  317-919-2489
Get Out of Jail Noblesville Indiana 317-919-2489

Hire a Local Bail Bondsman to Prearrange a Bail Bond

There are services available in the bail bond industry that will expedite and optimize the arrest warrant surrender process. These are known as prearranged bail bonds. All you have to do is find the right bail bond company in Hamilton County, Indiana to hire for the job. Not all bail bondsmen offer prearranged arrest warrant bail bond services, so you might need to look around a bit.

Prearranged bail bond service generally includes a ride to and from the jail processing center, provided by the bail bond agent on duty. You will meet the bail bondsman at their office, fill out all the necessary paperwork, make your payment (which is non-refundable), and ask any questions you have about what to expect before surrendering to an arrest warrant. After that, they will drive you to the jail’s processing center where you will be physically hand-cuffed and taken into the jail.

In jail, you will be booked and processed into the system, which can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes, depending on your cooperation and the number of staff available. After you are done with booking, you are ready to post your bail, which with prearranged bail bond service, should already be finished by the bail bond agent. Once your bond has been posted, you will be released from jail and your bail bondsman will drive you back to their office. From there, you will finish up any necessary business and then you are free to go home and await your court hearing.

Choose the Right Bail Bond Company

Aside from prearranged bail bond service, you want to also ensure you select a bail bondsman with ample experience in the local industry. This level of experience, combined with the prearranging of a bail bond, will get you out of jail even faster. An experienced bail bond company will have good, long-standing relationships with the local courthouses and jail staff, which can impact the speediness of the process. Furthermore, they have the knowledge of how things work, even in regard to your specific alleged offense.

Are you ready to turn yourself in at the Hamilton County Jail in Noblesville, Indiana? Contact us at 317-919-2489 to get started with prearranged Hamilton County Indiana bail bond services you can trust. We operate 24/7 and offer free advice and jail information too.

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