How to Avoid Getting Stuck in Jail After Surrendering to a Warrant

The number one fear among most defendants who are facing an arrest warrant, whether outstanding or not, is getting stuck in jail. No one wants to sit in jail longer than they have to, and for anyone who has been to jail before, this rings especially true. If you are preparing to turn yourself in for an arrest warrant, have no fear. There is a perfectly simple and effective way to avoid being in jail for too long after surrendering to an arrest warrant. Continue below to find out!

Get Out of Jail Noblesville Indiana  317-919-2489
Get Out of Jail Noblesville Indiana 317-919-2489

Hire a Local Bail Bondsman to Prearrange a Bail Bond

There are services available in the bail bond industry that will expedite and optimize the arrest warrant surrender process. These are known as prearranged bail bonds. All you have to do is find the right bail bond company in Hamilton County, Indiana to hire for the job. Not all bail bondsmen offer prearranged arrest warrant bail bond services, so you might need to look around a bit.

Prearranged bail bond service generally includes a ride to and from the jail processing center, provided by the bail bond agent on duty. You will meet the bail bondsman at their office, fill out all the necessary paperwork, make your payment (which is non-refundable), and ask any questions you have about what to expect before surrendering to an arrest warrant. After that, they will drive you to the jail’s processing center where you will be physically hand-cuffed and taken into the jail.

In jail, you will be booked and processed into the system, which can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes, depending on your cooperation and the number of staff available. After you are done with booking, you are ready to post your bail, which with prearranged bail bond service, should already be finished by the bail bond agent. Once your bond has been posted, you will be released from jail and your bail bondsman will drive you back to their office. From there, you will finish up any necessary business and then you are free to go home and await your court hearing.

Choose the Right Bail Bond Company

Aside from prearranged bail bond service, you want to also ensure you select a bail bondsman with ample experience in the local industry. This level of experience, combined with the prearranging of a bail bond, will get you out of jail even faster. An experienced bail bond company will have good, long-standing relationships with the local courthouses and jail staff, which can impact the speediness of the process. Furthermore, they have the knowledge of how things work, even in regard to your specific alleged offense.

Are you ready to turn yourself in at the Hamilton County Jail in Noblesville, Indiana? Contact us at 317-919-2489 to get started with prearranged Hamilton County Indiana bail bond services you can trust. We operate 24/7 and offer free advice and jail information too.

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Hamilton County Bail Bonds
Hamilton County Bail Bonds 317-919-2489

How to Surrender to a Warrant in Hamilton County Indiana

If you just discovered that there is a warrant out for your arrest, it is vital that you take immediate action. If you’ve been aware of your warrant for some time, it is likely evolved into an outstanding warrant, which can mean a few different things for you in terms of penalties and procedures. Regardless of which type of warrant you are facing, the most important decision you can make is choosing a reliable bail bond company to help you remain safe and protected during the surrender process.

Continue reading to learn exactly what you need to know about using a bail bondsman to surrender to an arrest warrant in Hamilton County, Indiana.

Noblesville Arrest Warrant Bail Bonds
Noblesville Arrest Warrant Bail Bonds 317-919-2489

Hire a Local Bail Bond Company

Your first step is to contact a trusted and long-standing bail bond company in Noblesville, Indiana. From there, you will not have to concern yourself with much else because they will handle everything for you. Just be sure to choose a bail bondsman that advertises and provides a service known as “prearranged bail bonds.” These bail bonds are the perfect solution to a safe, secure, and speedy surrender to a warrant. They work by making all the preparations and arrangements for posting bail with a bail bond, including signing a bail bond agreement (contract), paying the non-refundable bail bond fee, and the pick-up and drop-off plans.

Once the prearranged bail bond is in place, your bail bondsman will drive you to the Hamilton County Jail, and escort you into the receiving area where you will surrender to authorities. Keep in mind that a long-standing bail bond company with a good reputation tends to have good relationships with the jail staff; this means that using a quality bail bondsman can possibly get you in and out of jail faster. After you are handed over to the jail staff, you will be physically “arrested”, and then taken inside to complete the booking and bonding process.

The Arrest and Booking Process

Once a person is transferred to the jail, they are placed in a holding cell to await the booking and processing stage that includes fingerprinting, mug shots, personal data collection, and more, all of which is entered into a universal database system for the jail. This wait can take anywhere from a couple of hours, to an entire day or more, depending on how busy the jail is, the number of staff working, and more.

After you turn yourself in for an arrest warrant, you will be booked and processed, and then released on your bail bond. While out on bail, it is vital that you strictly obey all court orders and bail bond conditions. Otherwise, you face a separate set of criminal charges, as well as, hefty fines and possible jail time. This last step of the process is the most important if you want to remain out of trouble with the law.

The Most Trusted Hamilton County Bail Bonds

Call Uptown Bail Bonds at 317-919-2489 to get out of the Hamilton County Jail in Noblesville, Indiana. We are licensed and insured bail bond agents who provide fast and friendly, 24 hour bail bond services, including prearranged bail bonds for arrest warrants. And since we are the closest bail bonds company to the courthouse, the whole process can take only a few minutes! Request a free estimate or information, anytime.

Bail Bond Scenarios You Need To Know About if Your Loved One is in Jail

Hamilton County Bail Bonds 317-919-2489

Hamilton County Bail Bonds 317-919-2489

When your friend or loved one is arrested, you have the option of bailing them out of jail with the help of a bail bond company. Depending on your particular case, the array of scenarios that can take place will differ.

Regardless of which scenario fits your situation, it is important to know what is to be expected before getting started with the bail bond process. In fact, it helps to simply learn the basics of using a bail bond. Continue reading to do just that!

When Your Loved One is Arrested in the Middle of the Night or Early Morning

Arrests can happen at any time. This means that jails are always operating 24 hours a day, so it makes sense that most bail bond companies also operate 24 hours a day. When a person is arrested in the middle of the night, you can contact a local Hamilton County bail bondsman regardless of time or day. Although you may not be able to get an actual release at that hour, you can still start the bail bond process to save time.

When You Have to Sign a Bail Bond Agreement for Someone in Jail

If you are bailing a friend or loved one out of jail with a bail bond, you will be obligated to sign a contract. This contract is called a bail bond agreement, and it is a legally binding indenture. It holds the signor (you) fully responsible for paying the remainder of your loved one’s bond premium if they fails to appear for any court obligations. For example, if the bail is set at $5,000 and you pay $500 for a bail bond, this amount is all you have to pay so long as your friend or loved one obeys all court orders and appears for all hearings. However, if they do not, you have to pay the remaining $4,500 to the courts. If you do not pay the remainder, then you are in legal trouble too.

When You Have to Bail Yourself Out of Jail

To post your own bail, you have two options. You can choose to pay the entire bond amount in cash at the jail, or you can choose to pay a small percentage of your total bond amount by hiring a bail bond company. If you pay cash for your full bond, your payment will be refunded back to you when you show up for all court hearings. If you use a bail bond company, the percentage you pay is a non-refundable fee.

When You Need to Surrender to an Arrest Warrant

The first thing to do before turning yourself into authorities is call a bail bondsman in the same county as the jail. So if your arrest warrant is in Hamilton County, you will need to call a Noblesville bail bondsman and surrender yourself at the Hamilton County Jail. A bail bondsman can pre-arrange your release from jail, thus fast-tracking the entire process. Depending on the amount of traffic in the jail, this can take anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours or more. For arrest warrants, you can expect to stay for just a few hours or less. A bail bondsman can also drop you off and pick you back up, so you can leave your car at their office during your entire jail stay.

When Bail is Denied

Bail can be denied for a number of reasons. A defendant is almost guaranteed to have their bail rights revoked if they have a history of failing to appear for their scheduled court hearings. Also, those in probation or parole are likely to have their bail privileges denied by a judge. If a judge grants a person bail, a bail bond company can still refuse to provide service for them if they believe they are a flight risk.

Hamilton County Bail Bonds

Hamilton County Bail Bonds 317-919-2489

Hamilton County Bail Bonds 317-919-2489

Call Uptown Bail Bonds at 317-919-2489 for fast and friendly bail bond services in Hamilton County, Indiana. We offer 24 hour bail bonds, county and state bonding, free jail and inmate information, and we serve several other cities in Indiana; including Boone County, Madison County, Marion County, and more.

Uptown Bail Bonds Offers Assistance With Arrest Warrants in Hamilton County

Don’t Let an Arrest Warrant Intimidate You.

Our licensed bail agents will ensure you get a speedy release from jail after you surrender.

Noblesville Bail Bondsman 317-919-2489

Noblesville Bail Bondsman 317-919-2489

Uptown Bail Bonds is a bail bond company built on a foundation of family values, like respect, integrity, and quality. That is why we remain devoted to helping those in need of bail in Hamilton County, Indiana. Our doors stay open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so that we may provide safe and secure bail bond services even at the most unlikely of times.

Regardless of your criminal charges, our friendly bail bondsmen never judge because we believe you are innocent until proven guilty! Even if you are guilty, we understand that your criminal charges are not a reflection of who you are, so we stay open-minded and provide service to anyone in need. When you walk through our doors, you know we are on your side.

Arrest Warrants Aren’t So Bad With Us On Your Side

Managing an arrest warrant may be one of the scarier legal requirements you may face, but it doesn’t have to be. With our licensed and insured bail bondsmen in your corner, you can feel confident that the surrender process won’t be uncomfortable or intimidating. We can prearrange your bail bond before taking you to the jail ourselves. This way, you can be released from jail as soon as they are done booking you into the database. Afterwards, we will pick you up and take you back to our office to complete the paperwork!

The booking process is also referred to as “processing”, and can take as little as one hour to complete. We help you confront your arrest warrant and answer to it, all on behalf of you. All you have to do is go to jail for a few hours or less, and then you are done! Simply show up for all your court hearings and adhere to all conditions of the bail bond agreement, and you are in good shape! You can finally put your outstanding arrest warrant behind you.

Hamilton County Bail Bonds

Hamilton County Bail Bonds

Hamilton County Bail Bonds 317-919-2489

Call Uptown Bail Bonds at 317-919-2489 for affordable and fast arrest warrant bail bonds in Noblesville, Indiana. We are on-duty 24 hours a day, so there is never a bad time to call. Whether you have questions or need assistance, we are the professionals to trust for sage and secure bail bond services in Hamilton County. Call 317-919-2489 to finally address an outstanding arrest warrant that has been holding you back from being truly happy.

Advice on Managing Your Outstanding Warrants

Dread, fear, anxiety, and paranoia are just a few emotions experienced by a person with a warrant out for their arrest. A warrant means jail time, at any time. Being stopped by a police officer or government official can put you in a situation where your warrant can be easily discovered. This could be while trying to renew your drivers’ license at the BMV, or being stopped for a routine traffic ticket on the road.

Once a warrant is discovered, there are no negotiations; you are taken into custody immediately. When there is a warrant out for your arrest, it can cause many nervous emotions and stress trying to avoid being caught every day. Being chased is not a fun feeling, and avoiding the inevitable is a difficult task to accomplish.

Preparing to Turn Yourself In

For someone who is not rightfully prepared to turn themselves into the jail, being taken into custody can result in undesirable situations, for example: They can jeopardize their job by missing work without notice. This happens because they did not have a chance to discuss it with the boss and set aside days off work to handle the warrant. They will also miss out on an opportunity to hire a bail agency or appoint someone in their lives to bail them out right away, after turning themselves in. When you are arrested on the spot for a discovered warrant, there is no telling when you will be released from jail.

When you set up an arrangement, in most cases, it only takes a few hours to turn yourself in, get processed, and post bail. Persons with outstanding warrants for their arrests find it easier in the long run to prepare to turn themselves in rather than risk being caught at an unexpected time. It avoids many dilemmas and headaches. Children are accounted for, work time is re-arranged with the permission of your boss, and bail is already set up. This will result in a quick and speedy bail process.

How to Find Out if You Have an Outstanding Warrant

There are reliable ways to figure out if there is a warrant out for your arrest in your county. One option is to call the police station directly. They can look up your information and determine whether or not there is an active warrant in your name. Try to call the police station closest to the county you committed your violation that resulted in a warrant for your arrest. This will be the jail that has your information.

Another option is to call the courthouse and ask about your warrant. They too will have information on your case and instructions on how to turn yourself in properly. It may be possible in your area to check online if you have a warrant. Otherwise, you can find contact information for your county’s courthouse and police station in the phone book, or online. Calling a professional bail agency is the easiest and most secure method to surrendering to a warrant in your name.

Hamilton County Bail Bonds

Hamilton County Bail Bonds

Hamilton County Bail Bonds 317-919-2489

Call Uptown Bail Bonds at 317-919-2489 for help with arrest warrants in Hamilton County, Noblesville, Indiana. Our licensed bail bondsmen treat our customers like family, and work hard to produce a fast and secure bail bond process. We can flip a turn-in case in as little as one day! Call 317-919-2489 to speak with a professional bail bondsman about turning yourself in for an outstanding warrant in Hamilton County, IN.

What is an Arrest Warrant and How Do They Relate to the Bail Bond Industry?

Arrest warrants are legal documents issued by a judge or court for a person’s arrest and incarceration. There are hundreds of reasons why a court would an arrest warrant, but most often, it is because a person is either suspected of a crime, violated their parole or probation, or failed to appear for a mandatory court hearing. Continue reading to learn more about arrest warrants and how they relate to the bail bonds industry.

Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant retains a defendants name, suspected offense, and a magistrate’s signature. When an arrest warrant is issued, it means a person is wanted by the police, whether for penalization, investigation, questioning, or more. Arrest warrants give law enforcement the right to arrest and detain the person it is for. Police can show up at a person’s home and take them straight to jail, or run license plates and pull wanted fugitives over to arrest them. If a person has an arrest warrant issued for them, they can be arrest and taken to jail on the spot if they are ever discovered by police for any reason. Situations like bar fights, domestic disputes, or a car accidents can allow law enforcement to catch a person with an arrest warrant. Arrest warrants can be issued for various reasons, as mentioned before, even for non-violent infractions like owing back taxes and unpaid traffic tickets. But in a bail bondsman’s world, there is a frequent reason for issued arrest warrants.

Bail Bonds

Arrest warrants are commonly issued when a defendant fails to appear for their court hearing after being bailed out of jail. When this happens, their bond is revoked and a warrant is issued for their arrest. A person in this situation must go to the jail and turn themselves in to authorities. From there, they will be re-processed and booked into the jail’s database. Since they “tried to skip bond” before, it is possible for the courts to not allow them to use a bail bond again to get released from jail. They may have to wait in jail until their initial court hearing, which could be weeks or months away. In other circumstances, there could be a good reason why a person missed their court date, in which case, they can prearrange their bail with a bail agent, and get a faster release from jail to clear up the matter of their arrest warrant.

Hamilton County Bail Bond Services

Bail Bonds Boone County Indiana

Bail Bonds Boone County Indiana 317-919-2489

Call Uptown Bail Bonds at 317-919-2489 for Hamilton County bail bond services you can trust. We are licensed, bonded, and insured with over three decades of experience in the bail bonds industry. Our friendly Hamilton County bail bondsmen offer a wide range of bail bond services for the Carmel and Noblesville communities. Call 317-919-2489 to learn more about arrest warrants and prearranged bail bonds in Hamilton County, IN and its surrounding neighborhoods.